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E is for Everything Pulled Together

Are you feeling the L.O.V.E for your home now? Implementing all the tips I’ve provided you over the past few weeks will definitely go a long way toward loving your home. We’ve talked about layers, the overall style of your home, filled it with the things you value, and now the only thing left to do is tie everything together.

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One of the most likely ways of pulling everything together is to group like items together. In this picture I’ve curated a cute little vignette on my old library table using my blue and white pottery pieces. As you can see the pottery runs the gamut from USA and Holland to Japan, don’t judge, I really liked the pieces on their own. While they don’t technically have much in common when I put them together they blend because of their colors.

You can see in this picture that the colors blend well, I’ve given it a little punch of excitement with the red berries on the tree, but other than that it’s my favorite go to colors of black, tan, cream. I have a sweet mixture of old and new pieces. I feel like the old makes the new feel a bit more, well, less new.

Here is more of an overview look of my living room leading into my dining room. You can see I keep the feel and colors of my home pretty consistent. Don’t feel like you can’t mix it up in your own home. This is just what works best for me. Also, as. you can see in the background I have a stained glass window leaning against the back wall. The window really doesn’t have anything in common with the rest of my home other than I just really like it, so its staying. If I really like something that doesn’t necessarily fit perfectly, I usually overlook the imperfections and find a way to incorporate it anyway. Hence the reason why I L.O.V.E my home.

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