The Faithful Decorator

Inspiring women to create a home they love.

Hi, I’m Michele. I am an interior decorator who loves helping women create a home that they love by teaching them simple tips and techniques that are practical and doable.

E is for Everything Pulled Together

I have a sweet mixture of old and new pieces. I feel like the old makes the new feel a bit more, well, less new.

V is for Value

When your home is filled with the things you value it becomes a place that welcomes you, it’s as though it give you a big ole hug every time you walk through the door. Fill your home with the things you love and as for the things you don’t, think of way to repurpose those.

O is for Overall Style

Today I’m going to give some examples of the top five decorating styles and what makes each one unique.

L is for Layer

My best layering tips, with plenty of examples to inspire you.


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