Cut The Time Clutter

I’ve kept the best for last. Over the past few weeks we’ve worked hard on removing the clutter that weirdly accumulates in our homes. No one knows where it comes from, yet there it is and at some point we need to deal with it and get the clutter out of our homes. Time clutter is no different, in fact it can be more difficult to remove from our lives. If we are not careful, time suckers and distractions can creep in like the freshmen fifteen. With that, let me offer you a few tips that I personally use to stay on target. If I can do it anyone can.

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The first thing I need you to do is to get real with yourself. What is it you really want? What do you want to happen more than anything else? Determine what is most important to you. Once you decide write it down and place it everywhere. Write it down so you can run with it.

Next I want you to become aware of exactly how you are spending your time. To do this you will need to keep a log of what you are doing and how much time you spend doing it. How much tv, how much social media time do you spend a day? What about idol chitchat? Figure out what activities you are allowing to suck up your time and then determine if it’s worth it.

Mary Kay Ash taught her consultants to make a list everyday of the six most important things you needed to do the next day. The reasoning is six is enough to stay consistent and make the biggest impact with out becoming overwhelmed with an endless to do list. Hey, if it works for her it will work for you. Or shall I say, if it works for me it will also work for you. I do this everyday in my personal planner. It is truly a great way to keep focused on what matters most which gives a great boost to your momentum.

Using a timer seems a little silly, I’ll admit. But, what I like about a timer is it turns mundane tasks into a game. Try it the next time you try to procrastinate on folding a load of laundry, set your timer for 15 minutes and see if you can do it in less time. Timer-it’s a good thing.

My final bit of advice to eliminating your time clutter is to give yourself permission to change your priorities as life happens. Sometimes life happens and it pulls us away from our plans, it’s ok. Give yourself permission to make some changes to your schedule. Give yourself grace when you get distracted with unproductive activities, get that list out and make plans to get right back on track as soon as you can.

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