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Three of My Favorite Fall Thrift Store Finds

How I styled three of my favorite fall thrift store finds.

Thrifted Pillow Cover

I love to travel to different places and when I’m there I do my best to visit the local thrift stores. You never know what you’ll find and this trip was no different. This time I found this pillow cover and it is just the cutest. I no sooner walked through the door of the Goodwill when I spotted this adorable pillow cover with the cutest blue truck and pumpkins graphic on it for $2.00. Cha-ching! It immediately went into my cart. No questions asked.

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Pillow covers come in so handy especially when it comes to storing them. I would have to dedicate an entire storage bin to just seasonal pillows. Listen, I don’t have that much storage space. I live in a small home, so I’m thrilled that companies are making pillow covers because they fold flat and store easily. One of the ways I save money is to check out the linen section of second-hand stores for covers. This particular one is in new condition. Which makes it a great purchase. Well worth the two bucks I paid for them.

Faux Gourds

Normally, I find seasonal items outside the current season. So when I spotted these two gourds at the same thrift store I became a tad giddy. Faux pumpkins and gourds come in so handy when fall decorating. As much as I love to use real pumpkins and flowers to decorate, it can become pricey. When I see a quality decor piece for a reasonable price I usually snag them right up.

Faux pumpkins and gourds are perfect to tuck into a floral arrangement, sit on a shelf, or add to a dough bowl. The possibilities are endless really. I’m actually considering using dark wax on these two pieces. I want them to look a tad more rustic and I think that would do the trick. What great ideas do you have for decorating with faux food items?

Dried Harvest Corn

Yes, I found these two ears of dried harvest corn at my local thrift store. They were paired together and I couldn’t resist them. Buying dried corn isn’t as easy as you’d think, at least not for me so I was happy to find these. The colors are perfect for my home and they are so easy to tuck into just about any nook or cranny.

Let me know if you like my posts about my thrift finds and how I styled them. I’m happy to keep them coming if that’s what you like.

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