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V is for Value

When your home is filled with the things you value it becomes a place that welcomes you, it’s as though it give you a big ole hug every time you walk through the door. Fill your home with the things you love and as for the things you don’t, think of way to repurpose those.

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What you value speaks volumes to who you are. I don’t know if that also holds true with physical items, but this stack of Bibles is who I am at my core. Do you see the Bible on the very bottom of the stack? That big ole Bible was my dad’s. He would read that exact Bible every evening after dinner. He would then head to his bedroom where he would kneel by the side of his bed and pray. I will always have that memory with me, but having the physical reminder is soothing to my soul.

My Grandma alway used Corning dishes, white with the green trim. My husband’s grandmother was a bit more eclectic. This bowl with the peach pattern was one that she would serve mashed potatoes for our Sunday dinner. I commented one Sunday on how beautiful it was, once it was washed and dried she gave it to me. I have treasured this bowl since that day right along with memories of her generous spirit.

aise your hand if you love a great bargain. My grandfather loved a good bargain. By bargain, I mean he loved finding treasures in what other people discard as trash. He was a junk man, and as far as I’m concerned, he was the best in the business.

This brass crab is one of his many found treasures. When he gave this to me, I suppose he thought I would treasure it. He was right, I’ve had this for many years and I still enjoy looking at it. This little crab brings a smile to my face every time I remember all the fun times we had crabbing at the ocean with my Pap.

What are some of your favorite meals from your childhood? I have way too many to count. In my home we weren’t permitted to be “picky” eaters. We ate what was made for dinner or we didn’t eat. Needless to say I never missed a meal.

When my mom passed on I made sure I collected all her handwritten recipes. I cherish them so much. What I like most about looking at them is how she also critiqued the recipes.

Last but not least in my most valued decor pieces is this very beat up and worn library table. I’d like to say it was a family heirloom, but it was not. This table was sitting on my husband’s grandparent’s porch when I spotted it. It was used in his grandfather’s work-shed, completely covered in grease and grime and he wanted to get rid of it. That is until I saw it and immediately fell in love it. Somehow I managed to convince him to give it to me. It has been apart of my home decor for many years and I don’t have any plans to change that anytime soon.

These items are not my only prized possessions, but they are a good representative of who I am and what I value in life. Thank you for joining me in a walk down memory lane. My hope is that I’ve inspired you to pull out those treasured items and think of creative ways to incorporate them into your home decor.

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