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How To Update A Faded Outdoor Pillow

I have owned this set of pineapple pillows for several years now. I love the whimsical pineapple print, but the sun has faded them a good bit. These pillows just aren’t as vibrant as they once were and because of that I’m going to give them an update. Besides, I’m really liking the bee and hive decor I see everywhere and this gives me an opportunity to incorporate it on my back deck.

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Recommended Supplies:

Here is a picture of all the supplies I used to create this cute pillow. The glue is a hot glue stick that is specifically created for fabric. It has more flexibility when it’s cooled which makes it great for this project. Of course, you could sew the pillow case if you want to. Either way is perfectly fine.

Measure and cut the fabric:

Let’s get going. The first thing I did was measure the pillows I wanted to cover. I added to that number another half to one full inch. I cut my fabric into a square 16.5″ x 16.5″, I cut both pieces of fabric at the same time.

Make sure you keep the right (pretty) sides facing each other. You can pin the fabric together if you want to. Pinning will help keep the fabric from slipping which makes it easier to put together.

Put it all together:

Now get glueing or sewing if you prefer. I used a black fabric glue stick in my hot glue gun. I also switched the temperature on low because I do not like burning my fingers. Ouch. As you can see, the fabric has a black background so I chose to use a black glue stick this way the glue will not show. It blends in really well.

Well, would you look at that, it’s a perfect fit. You can fold the raw edge down the whole way around the opening and then added a final strip of glue sealing the opening close. Some other ideas are to add a zipper, buttons or even hook and loop if you wanted to have the ability to switch out the pillow cover. Now glue it shut. I realize when I’m ready to change it out I’ll need to cut it off. I’m okay with that though.

What do you think about my updated outdoor pillows? I’m pleased with how they came out and I hope I’ve inspired you to update what you have and give your things new life.

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