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Why The Perfect Size Area Rug Matters

Area rug on wood flooring

I know, I know it’s so obvious that this area rug is just too small for this grouping. Normally I would recommend going without a rug until you find one you like, but this situation required a rug ASAP and this what I had on hand. I needed this rug to keep the sofas from shifting whenever someone plopped down on them. This rug fixed the shifty little problem, but it created a decorating no no in the process.

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This particular rug is a 5′ x 7′ size. You can see in the picture that it does not cover the length of the sofa. Not to mention, we’ve been squeezing our feet between the sofas and the coffee table just to sit down. I even banged my knee off the corner of the table, ouch.

Wool Area Rug

I enlisted the help of awesome husband. We got busy moving the furniture out of the way. Next we rolled up this beautiful rug. This rug is beautiful. It is a wool, hooked rug and if you love warm colors this is full of them. I have nowhere else to put this area rug so I suppose I may be selling it soon.

8′ x 10′ Jute Area Rug

After some much needed cleaning of the floor the rug is now in its new space. Can you see how huge a difference it makes to have an area rug that is sized perfectly? My husband was impressed at how much of an improvement this rug made. I scratch my head at his remarks sometimes, because I can’t figure out why he doubts me. After thirty 30 years you’d think he’d trust my vision a bit more. As long as he agrees with me in the end it’s all good.

Back to the rug. You can see this rug now anchors the entire seating area. Before the rug was like a small pool floaty and the furniture was hanging on for dear life. Now this entire area is solid and pulled together. When selecting a rug make sure you take into consideration how much walking space you need. No more knee banging for me, I have plenty of room to walk through.

Perfect Size Area Rug

This rug was purchased from I am not an affiliate, yet (wink, wink). The quality of this rug is impressive. The color is just perfect for my cozy little home and the shipping time was reasonable. If you want to check it out you can go HERE.

I’m most impressed with how much better the coffee table looks sitting on this new rug. I was ready to either ditch it or paint it. Now I’m really digging the colors together. By the way if you want more ideas on how to decorate your coffee table, you can get that inspiration HERE.

I’m so happy with the room update and I hope you enjoyed seeing this before and after. Even if is a tad embarrassing for a pro decorator like myself to have such a horrible before. Oh well, its real life and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Until next time know that you are blessed and highly favored.

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