Sunday Morning Book Club

I was going to say no.

My mind was made up. I am going to say no. At least that was my intention. Pastor Marcus asked me to step in and fill the adult teaching position that had recently been made vacant. I very appropriately asked if I could pray on this and make sure its what I should do, after all I am a good Christian girl you know.

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The truth is I knew I was going to turn the opportunity down. Thoughts of not being good enough filled my mind and I was willing to listen to them. I told myself, I told my husband, I even made this statement to my BFF that “I’m not a teacher, why would he ask me to teach”. It was the conversation with my friend that made me think otherwise. You see I was giving her some very good advice, I told her that if there is a need in the church and you are able to meet it, you should. It was in that moment that I realized that I was fully capable of teaching and there was a need and I was more than able to meeting that need.

I hung up the phone and called Pastor. I told him that I had every intention of saying no, but I am capable and there is a need and yes, I will cover the class. As I type this I am about six years into my teaching position.

My personal teaching style has definitely evolved over the years. What I’ve learned is that I love to teach the written word. The good, the bad, the indifferent. This is what the Bible says whether you like it or not. I learned this about myself accidentally. I was really struggling with coming up with topics each week when I decided to just pick a book of the Bible, study it and teach what I learned. Turns out I have a knack for taking what is written and bringing it to life. I embrace this now. I willingly and happily call myself a teacher. I moved from one book to the next and lovingly began to call our group “The Sunday Morning Book Club” because well we meet on Sunday’s to discuss the books of the Bible.

My goal for this blog is to bring you along on my journey through the Bible. To share with you the insight and revelations God’s Holy Spirit has revealed to me. To encourage you to go deeper in your relationship with our heavenly Father, his Son and their Holy Ghost by understanding who they are while you study his written word.

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