The Thrones Were Put In Place

Read Daniel 7:9-28

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The book of Matthew covers details on Jesus’ coronation ceremony.  For example, Jesus had a coronation parade when he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and for miles people laid palm branches and cloaks out before him, giving honor to the man they viewed as their king.  Fast forward way into the future, even for us, we now get details of what Jesus’ actual “coronation” might be like.  Daniel had the privilege of looking into the future via a vison and seeing this magnificent sight.

So, while we are here on earth we are experiencing the “birth pains” of the ten new nations impending births, and the birth of the antichrist.  Ancient of Days is taking his place on his throne, he is preparing his son to take his rightful place as King of Kings.   Most High is preparing both heaven and earth for this one main event.

Verse 9, “I watched till the thrones were put in place and the Ancient of Days was seated.  Notice the word thrones is plural.  In Matthew 19:28  Jesus tells his 12 disciples, that at this time they will each also sit on a throne judging the 12 tribes of Israel.  You have the Ancient of Days on 1 throne, Jesus takes his seat on his throne, and then there are 12 additional thrones.  Daniel is witnessing these thrones being put into place in heaven in this vision.

Daniel gives more attention to detail with the throne of the Ancient of Days.  He describes the image of an aged man, meaning he is with much wisdom, his clothing is white as snow and his hair is like pure wool.  He takes his seat on a throne made of  fiery flames.  He is pure white, holy, sovereign and sits on a warriors chariot of fiery flames.    

Verse 10, “A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him, and ten thousand time ten thousand stood before Him. The judgment was set, and the books were opened.”

Daniel watched a fiery stream flow out from this warrior chariot.  I imaging it similar to fire following down a stream of gasoline to the source where it consumes everything.  This stream fire is symbolic of the Ancient of Days (God) devouring his enemies.  While the ten Roman revived kings are persecuting the holy people and while the antichrist is setting up his position, heaven is lining up to do battle.

The throne room of heaven is filled with a million angels.  This most likely not a literal 1 million, but more of a description of an immeasurable amount.  These celestial beings would attend to Most High, they are there prepped and ready for activation with just one word from God.  Before the throne an additional multitude of tens of millions more beings stand before him.  The KJV says, “judgement was set, and the books were open.”

God takes his place on his fiery chariot throne, all the other thrones are set into place.  Judgement was set, the fate of the beasts was already determined.  The millions of angels who were on duty opening the books, opening scrolls, pouring out bowl, all the prophetic things are taking  place.

That’s the scene from heaven. Now let’s go to verse 13. 

Finally, Jesus Christ enters the throne room.  Can you imagine, how it will feel when Jesus enters that room to take his rightful place on the throne.  It says, that he entered the room riding on his cloud chariot.  I bet Jesus has a ball riding these clouds.  In the Bible clouds represent a divine presence.  All through the Bible God in his glory was concealed in a cloud.  We see the same goes for his son.  

But, this visions describes Jesus as riding on the clouds of heaven, not concealed in the cloud.  He comes to the Ancient of Days and it says “they” brought him near before him.  The angels that will be attending Most High will lead Jesus up through this 10’s of millions crowd of beings, leading  him to God of heaven.  Talk about making a grand entrance. 

Reread verse 14. 

There you have it, Jesus’ coronation.  The Father giving the kingdom to his heir, his son stepping up to take the throne. 

  • He gave him dominion.  On earth dominion is being removed and given to Jesus, he will rule for eternity.   
  • He was given glory:  he will honored by those he rules.
  • He was given a kingdom where all people, nations, languages should serve Him.  Should because there will be some that will still rebel, but they will be dealt with later.

Verses 15-21 talk more about what will be happening here on earth with the antichrist.  Which we’ve covered.  The antichrist will continue to make war against the saints and he will dominate them until the judge makes his final ruling (vs. 22) and his ruling is in favor of the saints.  Daniel watched as the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom.

Verse 27, “And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom”.  The kingdom of heaven is for the saints of the Most High.  The kingdom, and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom will be given to the saints of Most High, and it will last for eternity.

Those of us who are covered with the blood of Christ will inherit this new kingdom, we will live in this kingdom for eternity.  But this isn’t just a free for all, time of nirvana because all authorities shall serve and obey Him.” Everything comes under the authority of Christ. He will reign absolutely; He will reign supremely; He will never share His glory with anyone else.

Jesus will be the supreme ruler of this new kingdom, and he allows the saints of God to inhabit this land.  It will be ours to take care of and live on.  If you have trouble living according to the kingdom of heaven now here on earth, you might find it difficult to do the same in the new kingdom.  Think of this time on earth as your opportunity to “learn” the ropes, the ins and outs of kingdom living.  Immigrants need to go through classes on how to live in a new country, I don’t see this as being any different. 

This your chance to learn the language, learn the culture, and understand who the ruler is. 

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