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I bet you are curious about how I decorate my dining room table for fall. Today I’m giving you a peek at my stunning new dining table display. I really like to keep my display’s as unique as possible. I’m just not satisfied with my home looking like it came from a box store. So I solve this problem by using items I have acquired by thrifting, yard sales, or even good ole “curbside pickup” aka curbside trash. I bet you didn’t expect me to add that source to the list. It’s true though I come from a long line of junk men. My grandfather was the best of the best. He taught me well.

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I’ve added lots of texture to the fall table centerpiece this year. I have fabric pumpkins, jute table runner, wooden pedestals and a metal pumpkin. I can’t forget the candlelight and the grapevine wreath. I think this is a very simple display, at least for me it is. The best part of this display is how the pedestals and runner were purchased at 80% off from Hobby Lobby. They were part of their spring collection. Just because something is launched for a spring season does not mean it can’t be used year round. That’s how I get most of my decor.

I’ve chosen to keep the color soft. You can see in the mini pumpkins how I used a soft sage green (be still my heart), and creamy white mini pumpkins to fill this pottery bowl. Of course, the colors of the bowl also go well with the pumpkins. It’s all about coordinating the colors. That being said I love how the orange of the bittersweet berries add a punch of color, but not too much.

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. These are velvet and that olive green is so pretty and unique. I appreciate traditional fall colors when decorating, I really do. I also really appreciate experimenting with unconventional colors. What about you? Do you decorate traditional fall or are you a bit more adventurous like me? Don’t forget to check out more Fall Table Top decor here.


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