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Coffee Table Decor

Do you feel like your coffee table can be a challenge to decorate? Today I’m sharing tips on how to decorate a coffee table that’ll make you swoon. I’m going to share a few photos for you to use as inspiration for your own home. I’ll also break down the elements that give them a pulled together look.

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I like to change out the decor on my coffee table seasonally. So about every three months it will get an update. When you switch out decorations that often you begin to learn a thing or two or three about what works. You will begin to understand what you like and dislike.

Each of these display’s are more Easter, although I don’t feel like they are over the top. You can read my more over the top Easter post here. I personally prefer a softer look and yes, that includes black. I love to decorate with black, cream, gray and tan. you can see that I added in two very on trend colors, the sage green and blush pink. It is the form of eggs, but those colors give this a fresh updated look.

When pulling to gather a display for your coffee table there are a few things to keep in mind. I won’t call them rules, they are more like keys. The first key is the color scheme. I kept this display with soft tones. I like the soothing look and feel these colors bring to my living room.

This display is a bit more “cutesy”. If you love a more whimsical feel then this look is for you. You can read more on this vignette here. The key to this look is using lifts or levels. In the previous picture I used a cake stand to elevate the bunny and plant. In this display I chose to use a small two tiered tray. Pull together similar items that help to tell a story. In this case it’s bunny love and bunnies love carrots. Between the bunnies and the carrots there is plenty of texture for your eye to enjoy.

Do you see my color theme? I added in more brown in this picture with the faux chocolate bunnies. I used the elevate key and elevated the display by placing it on a wooden cake stand. Those cake stands really come in handy. You need to get one if you don’t own one.

Another key that you can see in each picture is the texture key. In this display I have various textures including wood, pottery, fabric and a floral ball. Do you see how the green in the floral ball just makes this display pop. Adding in the finial ornaments gives the eye something unique to look at.

My best advice is practice makes perfect. Pull together different items and think outside the box until you come up with a look you love. Has this inspired you, if so, I’d love to see pictures of you display. You can always add them in the comments.

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