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One Crazy Easy Home Update You Can Do Today

I’ll be the first to admit I get bored easily. If you’re like me then you are gonna love this crazy easy home update. Boredom is the reason why I look forward to decorating seasonally, it gives me a good reason for changing out my home’s decor. I don’t always want to buy something new just to make my home look fresh or even updated. So with that in mind I began thinking out of the box. I wanted different ideas that would make a big impact in my own home. I’m sharing one of those secrets today. If you too are ready to think outside of the box then keep on reading, because this idea is crazy simple.

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Try something new with your window treatments.

I like to let as much light into my home as I possibly can especially during the winter months when it’s already limited. With that in mind I have my drapes pushed to either side of my living room windows. It helped to give the illusion of having one big window rather than three smaller ones.

Well, the other day I was moving the curtains so that I could take a nice picture of how I decorated the cabinet beneath my tv. Once I was finished with the photo shoot, I stepped back and I really liked what I saw. So I gave a little adjustment to all four panels. This is what it looks like now.

I told you crazy easy home update. I simply moved the panels to cover the wood that trimmed each window. Sometimes we just get into a rut and forget to have fun with our home. Sometimes we accidentally stumble over something that just turns out pretty great.

I have to say, I am pretty impressed with how much this changed the look and feel our our home. Even my husband noticed and complimented the look. That my friends is a win in my book.

Now I just need to get my new spring pillow covers out so the sofa pillows look just as fresh and the window treatments. You can see how I use pillow covers for easy decorating over on this POST.

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