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O is for Overall Style

Filling your home with the things you love is important, but sometimes something just feels a little off. Have you ever felt that way with your home? You buy something new, yet it just doesn’t look right no matter where you place it in your home.

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One way to remedy that problem is to understand your personal style. Figure out what decorating style fits your personality and makes you happy and then you can narrow down and have more confidence with your decor decisions. Today I’m going to give some examples of the top five decorating styles and what makes each one unique.

Farmhouse has been so popular over the past few years. It makes practicality and simplicity the priority. It has a casual and relaxed feel. It relies heavily on rustic wood and mixes well with bright white and matte black accents. You can find touches of weathered wood, repurposed brick and painted shiplap. Even the ceiling is included with exposed distressed wooden beams.

The decor is often collected pieces. Pieces that have been repurposed and used in unique ways. Mixing and matching styles from vintage pieces gives it that sweet charm we love. Make sure to give it a good dose of farm inspired paintings and photographs. Plenty of green plants and you’ve got a good start with your home.

A traditionally styled home is timeless, comfortable, and put together in a not overly fussy way. To me victorian is fancy, and traditional is a step down from that. Traditional style embraces family and strives to bring it together. You’ll often find traditional homes with large crown moldings, tray or coffered ceilings. Fabric typically has a pattern on it, from florals, and plaids, to stripes.

The furniture will be family heirlooms with curved lines. The sofas will often be oversized and super comfy. The decor pieces with collected items from family and friends to pieces picked up as vacation moments. Is traditional style your style?

Mid century modern is for the person who loves vintage. Hence the name mid-century. You’ll typically find furniture and decor pieces right out of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s. Those unique diamond types shapes. Those vibrant colors of greens, blues and gold. The furniture has straight lines. Overall the home will be simply decorated, not fussy at all, more of a minimalist feel.

When looking to decorate a mid-century modern styled home you will want to head to the flea markets, thrift stores, and antique malls for this one, because you’ll want the real deal pieces. Have fun collecting.

This is my daughters favorite style. I have to admit it fits her personality well. The Boho style exudes a carefree, casual and relaxed approach to life just like my favorite daughter. While my home is mostly traditional I do have a few areas in my home that lend to a Boho feel, especially where the plant collection resides.

Boho style is filled with wicker furniture, soft textured pillows, soft color scheme. Baskets are used in unique ways like wall art. Macrame and woven textiles give a nice cozy feel to a boho themed home. This style just makes. you feel relaxed, I suppose that is why it’s so popular.

Perhaps you love the beach? It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean or a lake, there is something special about a waterfront property. Beach and coastal decor embrace that waterfront lifestyle in such a relaxing way. It feels like summer all year long.

My home isn’t coastal or beachfront, but during the summer months I take advantage of this theme by pulling out my seashell collection. Coastal style is so much more than just seashells though. It’s a light and airy style homes, with wide open windows. Surrounded with the colors of blues, greens, and white all mimicking the outside view. Bringing the outside in.

Has this been helpful? Are you inspired to fine tune your decor style or maybe I’ve inspired you to mix and match, because there is nothing wrong with eclectic. Just have fun decorating and filling your home with what you L.O.V.E.

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