My Father’s Bible

It would be easy to say that my father’s bible has value to me because he has long passed on (he has been living with Jesus since September 25, 1986) saying that, however, would only be partly true.

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As far back as I can remember, which is pretty far, I was fascinated with his Bible. I remember how fascinated I was with this book and I would sit and study the pictures. They were if full color and I would literally study each picture. I always wondered what it was like for the little children in those pictures to sit on Jesus’ lap. I wondered what Jesus was feeling as he was comforted by an angel after a very long fast and being tempted by an enemy whose sole plan was to destroy him. I suppose as a child it was my innocent way of worshiping the man who in years to come would be my own personal savior. Jesus tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like a little child, looking at my savior with wonderment and interest was something I did as a child and and I’m not ashamed to do the same as a grown up.

The Farmer An The Preacher

Isn’t it interesting how we tuck the most special items in between the pages our our Bibles? I am now intrigued with all the bits of memorabilia my dad accumulated over the years. One item in particular has me puzzled. It is three pages of spiral notebook paper that has long since turned brown. The torn edges from the binding still dangle from the left edge. It remains tucked between the pages of the Bible’s Concordance. On the paper a story is handwritten. Titled “The Farmer an the Preacher”. Its a story about salvation and there is no indication of who the author is or when the story was written. The wording reminds me of how my Dad would speak and I can only assume he wrote the story, or at the very least someone very close to him. If this was given to him, it must have been from someone very special for my Dad to put in a place so dear to his heart.

The most sentimental memory is of my Dad reading the pages. Every evening, after dinner, he would pick the heavy book up, place it on his lap, and read through the pages. I was too young to ever have a conversation about what he was reading and I never had the privilege of discussing any revelations he received, but the impact of him just simply reading the word of God has followed me all through out my life. Actions really do speak louder than words, and I only pray that my own children will remember me studying the word of God with the same I pride I do. Its a legacy I would be proud to pass on.

This Bible has since been a decorating staple in my home. I’m proud to prominently display the old worn book, its a reminder to me to endure through pain, through happiness, heartache and health. Its a tangible connection for me not only to my earthly father, but also a tangible connection to my heavenly Father. Its full of promise and hope, love and sacrifice, memories and dreams of a future, all of this is given to me with grace and received with care. My earthly father taught me how love and worship my heavenly Father and that is a legacy I intend to pass on.

A legacy worth leaving.

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