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L is for Layer

We are kicking off the month of February by launching a decorating series designed to help you L.O.V.E. Your Home. We want your home to feel like you’re getting a big bear hug the moment you walk through your door. I would love for your home to feel nice and cozy, like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold winters night.

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When you think about it a blanket is simply another layer, and so it only makes sense that to get that feeling in your home you should add layers. Not just to your sofa or bed, but also to your table tops and hutches.

Take these two pictures for example, both are very inviting, both draw your attention to them. That’s because the items displayed on the shelves are layered. Layered with a variety of height, textures and depth. Bonus tip, book stacks are super trendy right now, take those book covers off and start using those books for things other than vertically lining a shelf.

Turn baskets upside down and use those for riser too. I wanted a bit more height for my lamp so that is exactly what I did. I also placed a small wreath around the base to cover up the basket bottom. Don’t forget to add greenery where you can. Mixing live and artificial plants help too.

I admit this picture is a bit more boring, but It shows how important layering with texture all throughout the room is.

Step stools make great risers and so do old windows and doors. Prop them against a bare wall then layer trees, baskets, bowls or even small tables in front to tie into the rest of the space. I’m using decorative balls that I found at a yard sale last summer, but you can also use pinecones, seashells, or even baseballs to fill an old bowl or crock. It’s all about the layers.

When layering you want the items to be cohesive, but not matchy-matchy. I have two brass bells, they don’t match, yet they are the same color brass so they work together. The vintage wire paper tray is also the same color as the bells. Everything ties together nicely. The current design trend is to have items that look like you’ve collected them over time rather than purchased all together at a box store. It’s ok to buy things at a box store, we just don’t want it to “look” like we did.

There you have it. My best layering tips, with plenty of examples to inspire you. Go through your home, open up those stuffed closets and get creative with what you find. Use what you already own in a new, fun and unique way then let me know what you come up with. I’d love to see your pictures.

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