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How To Style a Vintage Themed Hutch

Check out how I decorated my hutch for Christmas using vintage decor, thrifted items, and faux food.

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Faux gingerbread, cherries, and pears.

I have been wanting to create a “buffet” type vignette on my hutch for years now. I’m so excited that this is the year I am finally able to do it. I suppose it works out now because I have plenty of props to use. I’ve been buying up faux fruits and veggies from thrift stores when ever I see them. My husband has learned not to ask questions when I pile fruit into my cart. It’s better that way.

Ceramic Apple Pie, Wax Santa’s, and clay stars

To finish off the “buffet” I have a ceramic pie. The little pewter dish holds wax Santa’s. They remind of little hard candies. They also smell amazing. The little blue stars look like iced cookies, but I wouldn’t eat them they are made of what looks like paper mache and are one of my favorite Goodwill finds. In case your wondering that is a Mackenzie Childs platter in the back and yes I got it at the thrift store for $2.99. I still cannot believe that purchase.

Pixie, Plaid Metal Lunchbox, A Christmas Carol

Directly above the buffet sits this little pixie. He is so happy and adorable looking perched on top of this great classic book and vintage metal lunch box. Does this lunch box bring back any memories for you?

Vintage Cake Carrier

Every good old time buffet needs a cake or in this case a super cute vintage cake carrier to give the illusion of cake. How is that for an imagination?

Brown Plaid Thermos, Holland Candlestick Holder, Metal Tray

This is the top shelf. The metal tray with the wooden candle holder are perfect together. And every good meal needs a delicious warm beverage and these thermos’ are perfect to round out the cozy hutch display.

Vintage Red Floral Meal Carrier

This vintage red food carrier makes me smile. It truly reminds me of all those church potluck dinners and family reunions. I suppose that’s one reason I really wanted to create this design. I was feeling nostalgic and this was a great way to fill that desire.

Stay tuned because there is more to this scene. I’ll give you a hint, the church potluck was followed by an evening of caroling. I think you are gonna love it. In the meantime know that you are blessed and highly favored.

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  1. This is great you have outdone yourself on this one, I love it. You should be very proud of yourself

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