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Effortless Fall Decorating Ideas to Embrace the Season

I'm sharing effortless fall decorating ideas to embrace the season today. I think you'll love seeing my fall decoration.

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Too Ashamed

“Even though you have sinned, don’t make it worse by also turning away from the Lord, just give Him all your heart”.  The only way to make this better is by committing your whole heart to the Lord.  Stop turning to those useless idols, haven’t you learned by now they can’t help you, they can’t rescue you because they are useless. 

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Get It Off Your Chest

In our day this would be equivalent to a preacher, minister, evangelist who has gained popularity among Christians because they carry the anointing of the Lord.  Then along comes people who perhaps are jealous, or just plain miserable who decide to sow weeds by assaulting the minister's character. 

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Raise Your Voice in Worship

Samuel notices the look on Saul’s face and answering the unasked questions he states, “You wonder why I’m anointing you and honoring you with my deepest respect, is it not because you are chosen?”  I’ll put it another way, “Do you still not understand that you have been chosen, you are the chosen one”.   

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Just Get It Out Of Here

If you were taken captive and placed out in the wilderness, wouldn’t you want those who claim to love you to come and get you and bring you back to where you belong?  No wonder the Lord is so willing to leave the 99 to go get the one that is lost.  He knows what it feels like to not have your loved ones seek you.         

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Always Seek Godly Council

The elders tried to bring the Lord into their mess by carrying the Ark of the Covenant to the battlefield.  What a great idea, they thought. God has been showing up regularly at the temple in the holiest of holies so let's bring the Ark here and God will work like a magic genie.


Still More To Cover

Epiphanes would set his sights on a prosperous territory, he would go in peaceably, wanting to be friends, claiming that with him everything would be unicorns and rainbows, gaining acceptance and support.  Just when the people least expected it, he would turn on them.  “Invading the kingdom when its people feel secure”. 


National Principalities

The kingdom of Persia had its own demonic influence like every nation does, even the USA today. There are demonic principalities doing everything they can to keep this Nation from honoring God in the way it was created. The demon's main job is to work against the people and the plans of God.


The Time When God Was Silent

This is interesting because he ruled during part of the 400 year timespan known as the intertestamental period, or the period of the Bible where God was silent. The time from Malachi to John the Baptist, the time between the OT and NT. Have you ever wondered what happened during this time? Well we’re about to find out.


One Little King

This little horn had eyes and a mouth. The eyes were like human eyes and the mouth (KJV) was speaking great things. Great meaning: bigger than usual; important or powerful. This little horn was making some powerful, bold and even boastful statements. He appeared to have more influence and power than the other kings.