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Group Like Items Together

Now that we’ve decluttered our chosen space it’s time to organize it. We need to put our items into groups with other like items. Meaning if you’ve organized a cabinet and you have crafts, vitamins and socks all mixed together, now would be the time to put everything where it belongs. The socks will go to the sock drawer and your crafts can be collected and grouped together. Put the vitamins with other medicines.

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All my precious “planning” supplies. Washi, stickers, etc.

Using craft tools as an example, when you put all your tools, and supplies together it gives you the big picture of how much you really have and it gives you a better idea of what types of containers you may need to purchase or create to house all those supplies.

Silver grouped together in a drawer and then separated by piece.
Tableware all divided out and like pieces put together.

The three categories you need to think about are room, activity, and tools. What room is the item most get used in? Clothing is mostly put on in your bedroom, so keep your clothes in your bedroom. What activity is the item used for? Is it a kitchen utensil or is it a power tool? Power tools most likely get used in the garage, so move those items to the garage.

Organize clothing in the closet or dresser drawers.
Organize clothing in the closet or dresser drawers.

Lastly, what type of tool is it? Scissors would be used in either an office or for crafting. Of course I keep scissors all over the house which is a great example of why you need to determine its use. I have kitchen shears in the kitchen, hair shears in my bathroom vanity, and craft shears in my craft closet. I really don’t like traipsing all over the house looking for scissors.

I keep my favorite pens and markers within arms reach.
I keep my favorite pens and markers grouped together and within reach.

I cannot stress it enough when you are organizing only focus on one space at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you get overwhelmed it’s really hard to keep your motivation up. So only focus on one section at a time.

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