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Fabulous Fall Decorating TLC Style

How to add warmth to your fall decorating using my TLC technique.

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Fall Selfie
Ready to decorate for fall

Are you ready to begin fall decorating using my TLC method? Are you curious as to what that even is? I’m super excited to share the details with you. The TLC method stands for texture, layers, and character. These are the three must-have elements when decorating. In my professional opinion anyway. Keep reading, I’ll explain as we go.

It’s August, and I’m beginning to transition from summer decor to fall. I typically begin by slowly switching out my decor. Once September arrives, I will go full-on fall. My home will be filled with pumpkins. Until then I take a low-key approach.

Show texture in home decor


The first element I want to make sure I add is texture. Texture puts the T in TLC. You can see in this picture how I’ve added plenty of texture to this little vignette. From the large open weave basket to the ceramic rose to the rusty brass bells. Lots and lots of texture. The dishtowel adds some much-needed softness and the wooden heart adds a natural element. Even the framed artwork adds texture just by being a crosstitched piece.


If Texture puts the T in TLC, then Layers put the L in it. This is a great picture of how I like to layer some of my favorite things. This wooden shelf is layered from back to front and bottom to top. Just say no to lining up pieces on a shelf. Think about what you can stack and what you can place in front of each other. Fill your baskets and boxes with florals and platters.


Character is the C in TLC. This is the part where you get to let your personality really shine. Adding Character to your vignettes is what makes your home feel like home. It’s the personal touch that only you can add. So what is it you collect? What pieces have you fallen in love with? Adding them to your displays makes it interesting. The birds, both the duck and the parrot, add character to this little cupboard. I realize the parrot is a little bright, but that’s the fun part. He is unexpected and handpainted and I love him so he stays.

Each of these pictures has lots of texture, layers, and character, TLC. That’s what pulls them together and makes them interesting. My best advice is to start thinking outside the box. Play around with your decor pieces, it’s okay to move and rearrange them until you like the look. I give you permission.

I’m just getting started with my fall decorating. I’ll keep you posted as I go, but in the meantime, you can check out this post from fall 2022. It’s all about Simple and Classic Fall Porch Decor. I hope it gives you some inspiration.

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