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DIY Wall Plaque Makeover

DIY wall plaque makeover

I’m sharing a DIY Wall Plaque Makeover today because I hit the jackpot when shopping at the thrift store over the weekend. This dove plaque is just one of many treasures I found. Can you believe I got this for a whopping $.25. The price tag color was the color of the day for 75% off. Cha-ching. Into my cart, it went. I knew I was not going to keep it the way it was. The second I saw the doves I knew an update was necessary to give it more personality.

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So I dug out my paints, brushes, and dark wax and began the DIY Dove Wall Plaque Makeover. I won’t bore you with all the details. If you want to you can watch the video instead. Don’t worry I’ll still show you the after picture. I wouldn’t keep you hanging like that, that would not be nice.

DIY wall plaque makeover

I placed them on the ledge of my DIY plate rack. The colors blend beautifully.

DIY wall plaque makeover

Then I hung this dove plaque onto a basket tray I had hanging on my wall. I think it looks beautiful along with the fall-colored greenery. Pieces like this can be used in so many different ways. The sky is the limit with its uses which is one of the things I look for when I’m out thrifting. “How can I use this piece”, I ask myself when out and about.

Pieces like this would look fantastic hung on an old crate or added to a gallery wall. Place it in a basket with florals to match your home’s decor. Wow, you could even place it inside an old vintage birdcage. Just let your creative flag fly.

In what way would you display this plaque? I’d love to know.

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