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DIY Plate Rack That Will Rival Any Magazine

A few months ago, ok a year ago, I shared this inspirational picture of a plate rack that I thought might look nice in a similar space in my kitchen. I asked you, my Faithful Friends, which would look better an old ladder decorated or a plate rack similar to this. Well, it was unanimous, all were in favor of the plate rack. So I got busy sweet talking to my super-talented husband to build one for me. Eventually, a-hem, he did. Would you like to see the process? Yes? Then here you go.

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First, this is not a tutorial it’s just a few pictures of the process to show how this plate rack was created. I had to really do some sweet talking to my husband to build this for me. You see he is THE BEST contractor ever. He is a talented and skilled craftsman. Now don’t let him fool you, he really does enjoy building and creating.

I’m the creative one in the family. My husband is the brawn. Because of that when we work together on a project we really need to be patient with our communication skills. One of the areas we tend to differ in design is with the lines. I love my pieces to have clean, straight lines. My husband prefers curves and waves. He usually asks me several times, “You want this straight?” “Yes my darling, Yes.”

Plate Rack, raw wood

As you can see in this picture, the clean straight lines are what we went with. Now to pick out a pretty chocolate stain.

platerack stained wood

Finding a nice neutral brown stain proved to be difficult. I do not like the stain I picked out. It was a stain and poly mix. I’ve never used this particular product before and after using it on this DIY plate rack. I will never use it again. It was so sticky and gloopy. I’ve stained a ton of wood in my day and that was not a good product.

Duck egg Blue chalk paint plate rack

I decided to just paint the whole thing with chalk paint because chalk paint covers everything. The stuff covers a multitude of sins. I chose the color I had on hand which is Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue. No, I am not an affiliate (yet) but if you are curious about this paint or color you can check it out here.

I’m really thrilled with the way this plate rack turned out despite the stain road bump. Once the paint dried I sanded the piece in strategic spots just enough to have the dark stain shine through. I love distressed paint techniques on furniture so this plate rack hits all of my favorites.

What do you think about my DIY Plate Rack? I am absolutely thrilled with it and I wholeheartedly believe it would rival any you would see in a magazine.

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