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Decorating With a Church Pew

August is typically when I clear out my summer decor and transition to fall decor. August is the month I begin decorating the foyer for fall. I’m decorating with a church pew. What that means to me is I clear out all the summer-themed items and then bring subtle fall pieces into my home.

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I started with this little iron and wood rack. I’ve had this stand for many years and I still love it. It comes in so handy especially when it comes to adding a little style to an otherwise small space. I have this sitting right beside the front door in my mud room. Right next to a church pew. Yes, I have an old church pew sitting in this entryway. It’s fun to decorate and it’s also functional. It gives people a place to put on their shoes.

This picture gives you a great view of some of the details in this pew. This was an exciting purchase for me. I had been wanting a pew for the longest time. My husband and I were yard sailing one Saturday and I spotted this pew from the truck. While I made a beeline straight to it I sent my husband to check on the price and I stood guard. I did not want anyone to swoop in and take that beautiful piece from me. The woman was only asking for $10 for this pew, I could not believe it. I was expecting $110. I paid her so fast that her head may have spun a little.

Now it sits by my door ready to greet my friends and family as they drop by for a visit. It is truly a welcoming display. I’ve softened the wood by adding a throw blanket and a few pillows. Over the years I’ve debated on painting this piece. Sometimes I feel the paint would really make the details pop. Then on the other hand I’d hate to mess with the original finish. Ideally, I would love to remove all the varnish and give it a matte look with a raw wood finish. Much like the one in this picture from James and James, but then I realize that would be a tremendous amount of work. Uggh. So highly varnished orange wood it is.

I have used this cute little church pew in a variety of ways. One of those ways was in my Christmas decor. I used the pew as a pew and created a cute little old-fashioned church Christmas party. You can check that post out here, you’re gonna love it.

I mean seriously. Does this not remind you of an old-fashioned church Christmas party? Momma brought the basket full of little gifts, the hymnals within reach, and after-service ice skating on the pond. This is why I love this pew, it is nostalgia at its finest. I’m swooning at the decorating possibilities.

Did I inspire you to look for a pew for your home? The sad truth is churches are removing their pews and replacing them with chairs. I get why they are doing that, but it leaves a tremendous amount of pews without a home. Perhaps you could come across one in your ventures and save it from the dump. Such beautiful pieces of history deserve to be in a warm home.

Until next time you are blessed and highly favored.

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