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Create a Statement Wall Using Wallpaper

I’m going to show my age here, but I remember wallpaper being all the rage back in the 1900’s. The late 1900’s, as in 1980-1999. Big bold wallpaper is what people wanted and they plastered it all over their walls. And let me tell you it was not easy to put up. It required liquid to activate the glue and it was a huge mess. I don’t know how I ever finished my rather large kitchen, but I did. Once finished I sure did love the cozy look it gave the room.

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Well, here we are 25-30 years later and I’m excited to see wallpaper making a comeback. Not only is it making a comeback, but it’s bigger and better than ever. The patterns are big and bold and guess what? No more mess, no more yucky glue to contend with because the manufacturers have finally figured it out and created a peel and stick wallpaper.

Today I’m sharing ideas on how to create a statement wall using wallpaper. I’ve selected four of my favorite wallpaper patterns and giving you some designer tips on how to pick out the perfect print for your home. Are you as excited about wallpaper as what I am? I’m pretty excited about it.

I just had to add a picture with framed wallpaper. I think this is a fantastic way to add a trendy wallpaper without too big a commitment. This look adds color, texture and dimension to an otherwise boring room. I think this would also help pull a home with an open floor plan together. The panels could be opposite a wall that is fully papered. You could use coordinated patterns for a mix matched look. How gorgeous would that be?

The bathroom seems to be the most popular room to add wallpaper to. Looking at this picture it’s no wonder why. Who could resist spending time in this room? The colors are so soothing, and peaceful it is tempting me to do a makeover in my own bathroom. Now that I think about, my bathroom really does need a bit of a makeover. Hmmm?

When selecting wallpaper it’s important to choose a style and pattern that really suits your personal taste. Then you can narrow it down to a color that blends well with the style of the home.

I will admit, I don’t think I would place this particular pattern in my kitchen, but how adorable are those little critters? Bunnies, quail, squirrel, and birds they are all so sweet. The color is soft and beautiful. Color is so important when picking out, well, anything. When selecting a color scheme choose colors that match the feeling you want for that space.

Choose a wallpaper color that will either complement or contrast with it. Try to keep in mind that the color of the wallpaper can have an impact on your space by making it feel larger or smaller. It can also cause the room be appear brighter or darker. This is why it’s so important to determine what feeling you want to evoke.

A few years ago the trend for the bedroom wall behind our headboard was shiplap. Fast forward to 2023 and the wallpaper is now taking center stage as the accent material of choice. Using this peel and stick paper makes it so much easier to switch out when the trends change.

I still love the look of shiplap, but it just isn’t the most convenient look to obtain. Wallpaper comes in so many different styles, so if you love the look of wood you can certainly select and wallpaper that looks like wood. It doesn’t need to be flowers or geometrics. You can find paper that looks authentic. Wood, tile, or brick you can find just what you are looking for.

So did I tempt you with new wallpaper project. Are you looking at your home wondering which wall you can accent? I know I sure am, and I’m not sad about it. I get really excited when I dream of interior design, there are just so many possibilities, I love it.

Thank you so much for joining me and letting me share some of my favorite wallpaper ideas with you. You can also click over to HERE and see how I updated my living room area rug. Who knows maybe one of these walls will end up with some paper on it.

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