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Contain the Clutter

It’s been a busy month, we’ve made a huge improvement with decluttering our homes. We’ve grouped items together based on their use and now it’s time to give everything a home. This is one of the fun parts of organizing for me because it’s where I can be a little more creative. Organizing doesn’t have to just be about square boxes. You can decorate using any variety of containers. From baskets to buckets to jars or even recycled food cans.

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Take this wire basket for example. It could easily be used for a planter, but I’m using it to hold my journals. I have it mounted to the wall just above my desk. It’s within easy reach and I like the way it looks.

When you are limited with storage space, think about going vertical. I found these metal and wood envelopes at a Dollar General a few years ago and they are perfect for putting mail in. They could house mail or think about using them in the kitchen to store a cookbook or printed favorite go to recipes.

Keep your eye out for interesting containers. I found this at the thrift store for three dollars, I love the patina on it so I won’t be polishing it anytime soon. I think this would be great to use to display soap or candles. It would also be fun to use it for pens or note pads or even dinner napkins. I’m sure you could think of even more ways to utilize it.

There is no reason to keep dipping into a giant plastic bag when you want to soak in a nice salt bath. Find a large jar to house your epson salt, add a cute scoop and you’ve got a cute way to be practical. As I’m looking at this picture I realize I need a cute scoop and I think I should make a cute tag to add to it too. What do you all think?

This is not as interesting a picture, but it is definitely a great way to utilize any available space you have. Use a plastic storage bin that fits under your bed to store anything from wrapping and tissue paper to shoes or even sweaters or blankets.

Never underestimate the value of a fantastically large basket, especially if it comes with a lid. This basket is large enough to use as a side table and it holds several large chunky blankets. I use this one as both a piece of furniture and for storage.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to get creative with storing your own things. The biggest thing for me is making sure everything is in its place and that it’s place is functional. Once you do that it is much easier to stay organized.

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