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Church Renovation

My husband and I have been spending our “spare” time renovating our churches multi purpose room, aka the church basement. Other than a coat of paint or two this space was in sad sad shape. Outdated was actually an understatement. I’ve been really excited to share the progress with you and I hope you enjoy the finished project.

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This isn’t the exact before, but you can see how dated the cabinets and flooring are. I’m sure sixty years ago this was top notch. I remember going to VBS in this same church and eating our snacks in the very room. I especially liked attending on the final night. We got to eat little ice cream cups with those cute little wooden spoons. Do you remember those?

Anyhow, the flooring and the cabinets are both original, as you can clearly see. The wall was updated about twenty years ago with vinyl soffit. Can you even imagine that? I suppose the purpose was to withstand water. Until recently this space would flood regularly despite sub pumps every time it rained this space was a concern. All that has been fixed though, we hired Once and Done Waterproofing. They put in what is called a French drain. Sounds so sophisticated and I suppose it is because it worked. The basement has not flooded or leaked since the installation was completed. Which is why the church decided it was time to update.

One of the most challenging parts of this renovation was the support beams. I wanted the basement to feel as open as possible so I really needed to be strategic with these beams. I didn’t want them to create a barrier that made you feel like you weren’t welcome to come in and I definitely didn’t want them to stand out like a sore thumb.

The solution to the problem was to paint them the same color as the walls. This way they visually blend into the background, not stand out. This is a great tip when you are planning to change your space with paint. Decide what you want to draw attention to or draw attention away from before painting. A different color will draw attention and make it stand out. The same color will pull your eye away and thus cause it to blend in and not be as noticeable.

One more during picture. This is the accent wall, just a little putty and some sanding and it will be beautiful. This is definitely one way of making a statement. I chose a color a few shades darker than the other walls and it came out fantastic.

Are you excited to see the room completely finished? I hope so because I’m excited to show you. Make sure you are following to get updates when the new blogs are posted so you don’t miss it. In the meantime you can take a peek at some of the beautiful spaces I visited while on vacation in Branson, MO. Until next time, may you be blessed and highly favored.

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  1. Wow that is just amazing I remember this so well pot luck dinners fundraisers youth events Sunday school vacation Bible school it brings back a lot of memories my wedding reception bridal showers baby showers slumber party

  2. God is surely using you!!!! Youare sooo talented in what you do and I thank you for making our church soooo beautiful!!! I love ya bunches, keep smiling!! 🙂

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