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Add Texture to Coffee Table Decor

How to add texture to your coffee table decor.
Add texture to your coffee table decor

Do you ever struggle with how to add texture to your coffee table decor? It seems to be the one surface I struggle with the most. Too many things and your decor will feel cluttered, too little it seems unfinished. One of the ways to find a happy balance is to make sure you add in plenty of texture to your decor. Items with lots of texture tend to give visual interest. You don’t need to have as many items which keeps the cluttered look at bay.

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In my display I used a small tiered tray and a few bunnies that are made by me. I used a thick yarn to create them. The texture is so soft and fuzzy. I’m so pleased with the way they came out. They are adorable and look perfect on my coffee table display. I also added a bunch of carrots. Those are store bought but, I think they fit in with the spring theme perfectly. They are made of a very textured fabric and wrapped with jute.

When you are decorating your coffee table for the spring season, go ahead and add a variety of textures in your next display. It really will make a huge difference. The other detail to make sure you add to your decor is layers. You can read more about how to add layers here.

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