The Faithful Decorator

Fall Tree

The styles and decorations have changed over the years, but this is one tradition I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Too Ashamed

“Even though you have sinned, don’t make it worse by also turning away from the Lord, just give Him all your heart”.  The only way to make this better is by committing your whole heart to the Lord.  Stop turning to those useless idols, haven’t you learned by now they can’t help you, they can’t rescue you because they are useless. 

Book of 1 Samuel · Sunday Morning Book Club

Get It Off Your Chest

In our day this would be equivalent to a preacher, minister, evangelist who has gained popularity among Christians because they carry the anointing of the Lord.  Then along comes people who perhaps are jealous, or just plain miserable who decide to sow weeds by assaulting the minister's character.